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If you are going to the gym or working out with your mates and wondering why you are not getting the results that you were looking for it's probably because.. 
You're not working out correctly 
Your nutrition isn't in balance with your work out regime 
Your motivation isn't what it should be 
This is where a personal trainer comes in. 
I will create your workout and nutrition programme around you and your goals and then work with you to keep you motivated and on track, enabling you to achieve what you set out to do and probably more...and definitely quicker. 
I have found that weight training is a journey, not a destination, as when my training clients reach their original goals they start to see the possibilities of what can really be achieved as this was beyond what they originally thought possible. 
Whether you are looking to bulk up, get toned, add strength...or all of these, then I can help. 
Weight training for women 
Don't let the term weight training put you off. Weight training is an excellent way to achieve a toned body without looking muscly. Weight training combined with the correct nutrition can achieve fast and fabulous results. 
For more information about weight training simply call me on 07730 335001 or click here to complete our short contact form. 
Luke Levitt Personal Training - Reach your potential and achieve your goals 
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