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Weight Loss Programmes by Luke Levitt 

The best way to lose weight is a blend of exercise and the correct diet, and when I say diet I do not mean "going on a diet". 
The simple equation is put the right food in and then work it a bit more...until you reach your desired weight. It's knowing how to balance this out in a healthy way that is the trick. 
The key then is to simply continue with your new way of life. No diets, just a healthy lifestyle. The added benefit is that you will not only be at the weight that you want to be but you will be healthier, happier, live longer, have less illnesses and much more. 
I work with many clients who came to me to lose weight and have since gone on to improve toning and stamina as well and they continue to improve and enjoy their new looks and feelings. No fad diets, no yo-yoing up and down the scales, just a healthy and happy lifestyle. 
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