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Amanda Ryan 
I have been training with Luke for over seven months now. I initially started training with him as part of a semi personal training group but have recently moved gyms so I can continue one to one training with Luke. As an athlete himself Luke stays up to date with training techniques and nutrition ideas. He offers advice and guidance to help with nutrition especially when I have that chocolate craving. I trust Luke and know he will help me reach my personal goals. If you get the opportunity to train with Luke then I would definitely say do it! 
Claire Haynes 
I have been training with Luke Levitt for more than a year. I was introduced to him as part of a group session, but was so impressed that I went on to request personal training with him. 
He has helped me with my strong woman training, both the strength aspects and especially the conditioning side of things. This had allowed me to participate in national competitions, and one of my highlights was to pull a 7 tonne traction engine as well as some of the male strongmen. It's not all about doing everything to the max though, he knows when I need to back off and will find suitable alternatives when circumstances dictate. 
He is constantly positive and encouraging, but watch out for his dance moves!! I can wholeheartedly recommend Luke as a personal trainer. 
Faye Vaughan 
I started training with Luke Levitt at the end of January 2013 within a semi-personal training environment and was so impressed with the results that he helped me obtain there I moved with him when he decided recently to set up on his own as Luke Levitt Personal Training to have one to one personal training with him to take me to the next more 
Jay Bolton 
I started a nutrition and fitness plan with Luke twelve weeks ago with the aim of fat loss and to increase my fitness within rugby. 
It has been great! Witihn the first two weeks of training and eating clean on the easy to follow plan provided by Luke I started to see real results and this has just continued. 
Now I feel the best I have in years, my body is coming back into shape and I have had massive gains in strength, i also feel fit again and I' am full of energy. 
I now have the knowledge thanks to Luke to continue this and achieve my goals! 
I would highly recommend Luke to anyone from those who just want to improve the way they look or achieve a beach body for the summer, to people with serious fitness goals.  
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